lunes, 14 de junio de 2010

Up in the air, here we are waiting for the next destination. Fly is our flag, love is high there's just a sky above us. And if you wanna come you are invited, join us in our journey through the clouds. Come fly with us, come meet the sky. There're many things around this planet. Come fly with us, come to our flight. There're many destinations we haven't arrived to. Here in this plane there're no other problems. The world is far away behind us. Please don't stay in the world, I don't wanna be so far from you. Sit back here, relax for a while. There's no complications about us. Please don't stay here, please come with us. There're many things you haven't seen. There many things I haven't seen. There're many things we could see together. Come to this flight, fly to nowhere with me. It doesn't matter where we go, it just matters that we go. Every destination is good if you come with us. Come fly with us, come fly with me. If you come lonelyness won't be a problem anymore. Come fly me, come let's fly together. I just know we go nowhere. If I'm with you nowhere must be a better place. Come fly with us, come fly just fly, let's fly to where nowhere is somewhere someday!

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"Prefiero morir de pie, a vivir arrodillado."

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First Kiss

First Kiss

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