miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

Stranger, A stranger Candy from a stranger Excuse ma, but you're sicksweeter than a Hershey Kiss Come, be my desert in this I put my spoon in your dip Oooh! We got one night only Hope you brought some jolly ranchers for me Then she told me; I don't even know you But here, I got a snicker for you, here! What you do to me, I just can't believe Oh, you're tempting me Candy you're so sweet It's been too long Oh, it feels so wrong Danger, Danger, candy from a stranger You don't need to sugar coat it I got it, and you know it All of the pieces with it Candy from strangers Candy from strangers Candy from a stranger Shorty, have a bite I will fill your appetite I know your mom said not to But, I'll change your life after tonight Bet you never tried it, and I guarantee you'll like it And I know you can't resist, so don't fight it, don't Come give it to me A stranger Come get some A stranger Just like that A stranger Don't be scared, don't be scared Mama use to tell me Don't take candy from a stranger But girl, you look so sweet You got me reaching with my fingers She said don't take candy from a stranger, candy from a stranger, candy from a stange, a stranger

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First Kiss

First Kiss

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